Welcome to ABITH!

Back When

When I started carving back in the 1980's it was in the style of shorebird decoys of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


I still love carving shorebirds, but my repertoire has expanded to include much more.
A few years ago I developed a passion for fish, especially native species.
Then in 2008, I became interested in the folk art tradition of wood doll heads.



I carve pieces that sit on tables, hang on the wall and go out in the garden.
The list includes:

  • 30 species of birds
  • over 20 kinds of fish
  • fruit and vegetables
  • folk-art doll heads

My largest piece was a 6'6" white marlin.
(Sorry - no marlin photo - but here's a little whale)

a little humpback whale


The birds, fish, doll heads and other creations in this website are all a labour of love. Come in and have a look around.

The "Info" area tells you more about me and my work.

The galleries show examples of my work including a few photos of birds in gardens.
Especially have a look at the real blue jay flirting(?) with a carved blue jay!

The "Fruit etc." link shows you a few of my carved fruit and vegetables.


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